Free Annual Credit Report – what to look for in Pre Paid Legal Services :

• Use a reputable, nationally known credit reporting company like Experian, TransUnion and Equifax to receive 3 credit reports (the first one is free)

• Receive up-to-date complete personal annual credit report for FREE

• Receive up-to-date business free credit report gov

• Receive a personal credit report and credit score calculated by an independent scoring service

• Receive a detailed analysis of your personal credit score. Experts recommend that you review your online credit report regularly. Brought to you by Pre Paid Legal.

Prepaid Legal

It’s critical to have Continuous Credit Card Monitoring:

It’s critical for you to have Continuous Credit Monitoring:

It’s priceless knowledge to have suspicious activity brought to your immediate attention, providing you with early detection. This critical feature helps you to know if:

• New accounts that have been opened in your name

• Derogatory notations have been added to your credit reports

• Public records have been added to your credit reports

• Inquiries have been made against your credit reports

• A change of address has been requested

Most Americans trust that every item in their free credit report government is accurate. Often times that is not true. It’s critical for you to print out and check your free annual credit report at least once a year to see everything is accurate. Criminals known as ‘phishers’ may have opened a credit card in your name, without your knowledge. They may have gone so far as to change the address of the bogus account they’ve opened in your name that makes it very difficult for you to even find out… until it’s too late. Protect yourself and your family from thieves now. Enjoy all the benefits of PrePaid Legal.