What are Living Will Forms?

Living Wills or a Living Will Directive allows you to tell healthcare professionals to act on your behalf regarding life-sustaining intervention and treatment if you can no longer speak for yourself. A new survey finds that only 33% of Americans have completed living will forms all information brought to you by Pre Paid Legal Services.

Sixty-seven percent of Americans lack a living will document, potentially leaving them with no say over whether they wish to receive life-sustaining medical treatment in the event they should become incapacitated or terminally ill.

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All fifty states have laws regarding the ability of patients to make decisions about their own medical care before the need for treatment arises by filling out free living will forms. This allows patients to draft their free living will that sets forth the type and duration of medical care that they wish to receive should they become unable to communicate those wishes on their own.

It’s human nature to believe that we’ll live ‘forever’ and don’t need a living will forms. We assume that our families will always look out for us and know exactly what to do. Unfortunately this is a hard decision for families to have to make during a crisis. Don’t leave this important decision of creating a will to chance. See the related article on Terri Schiavo to understand the PrePaid Legal difficulties her family could have avoided when she was suddenly unable to speak for herself.